The Galaxy S24 Ultra is smarter, costlier, and yet as huge as ever.

Ever wish you had the most phones?

For several years, Samsung's S-series Ultra has been that device, and the company plans to go even bigger with the Ultra in 2024.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra has a new titanium finish, a slew of AI features, and a higher starting price of $1,299, up from the previously high $1,199.

One of the Ultra's most striking new features is its construction.

This year's model features a titanium frame, similar to Apple's iPhone 15 Pro, which Samsung claims provides more durability.

Unlike Apple, Samsung did not employ the material to make the phone lighter; titanium is heavier than aluminum, but it is more robust, allowing you to use less of it.

In this scenario, Samsung has simply chosen to prioritize endurance.

The S24 Ultra weighs almost the same as the S23 Ultra (8.22 ounces or 232 grams), making it somewhat heavier than the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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