Samsung's Galaxy S24 is the first to be able to submit HDR photographs on Instagram.

Instagram and Snapchat will also be able to shoot images using camera capabilities like as Nightography, Super HDR, and Video Stabilization from within their applications.

Instagram will be able to display HDR photos shot with Samsung's new Galaxy S24 smartphones, the two firms revealed.

"Every photo and video you take or view will be displayed in its full range of color and contrast,

from the moment you snap the content to the moment you post," stated Samsung's VP of Intelligent Imaging, Dr. Hamid Sheikh, onstage at the S24 launch event.

"In fact the Galaxy S24 series will be the first ever to have HDR enabled for photos on Instagram." The software already supports HDR video.

Samsung introduced a slew of social media photography-focused features for its new Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra phones, including HDR capability.

The smartphone manufacturer also stated that Instagram and competitor Snapchat will be able to use

Samsung's native camera functionality when snapping photographs straight from their applications.

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