Samsung India works with Blinkit to deliver the Galaxy S24 series in certain cities in 10 minutes.

Samsung India today announced a collaboration with Blinkit, a quick-commerce platform, to deliver the newly introduced Galaxy S24 series within 10 minutes in certain locations.

Blinkit, famed for its rapid delivery, previously teamed with Apple reseller Unicorn in 2022, delivering the iPhone 14 in 10 minutes.

Blinkit collaborated with Xiaomi to provide fast 10-minute delivery of the Mi Air Purifier 3 in certain locations.

This collaboration with Blinkit allows Samsung to address demand for its top S24 series in India.

The Galaxy S24 series has received impressive pre-orders, becoming the most successful S series to yet.

Over 250,000 consumers in India have pre-ordered a Galaxy S24 smartphone in only three days from January 18.

Customers who purchase the Galaxy S24 series through Blinkit can receive an immediate rebate of Rs. 5000 when using an HDFC Bank credit card.

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