Joe Praize – Alpha Omega [Mp3 Download & Lyrics]

Joe Praize latest track “Alpha Omega” is aired now! The song has sung by Joe Praize.

Joe Praize is a renowned Nigerian gospel artist, worship leader, and songwriter, whose music has resonated deeply with audiences around the world. One of his standout compositions is the soul-stirring song titled “Alpha Omega.” This powerful worship anthem has become a symbol of spiritual connection and reverence for believers.

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You’re Alpha Omega x2 I worship You today (repeat)

You’re Alpha and Omega; The reason for my living(?)
Undeniable favor, I worship You today
Your kingdom from everlasting to everlasting
You are the beauty of all creation
I cry “Holy, Holy, Lord you reign”
Jesus you are Holy, Alpha and Omega
I sing glory Hallelujah, to the king of glory
This is who I glory: My Alpha and Omega

Lion of the tribe of Judah, You’re still the reason for my living
You are the one that was, and is to come; all creation bow before You
Lord I praise You, magnify You, You’re the glory in my soul
Lord I worship, Yes I worship; You are the living God
Alpha and Omega (Repeat x3 Times) I worship You today

Apha and Omega (Repeat x3 Times)

Lion of the tribe of Judah, Great and Mighty God
You are greatly to be praised.
In all the earth, there’s no one like you
In all the earth, no one can love us the way You do
I worship You